Massages Again


Massages By Strangers







Massages By Strangers, an evening of massages and electronic music produced by art duo AUTOMATES, is back for its Toronto premiere, presented by DesignTO Festival. From Phèdre‘s uncanny electronics to electro madness from yours truly, from KOREA TOWN ACID‘s sweet blissed beats to WeTurnToRed‘s modular insanity, this evening at Viz @ Viz (whose stage Depression Era just christened during Indie Week 2018!) promises to rub you the right way all night long.

More info: check out DesignTO Festival (Jan 17 – 28, 2019)

Indie Week 2016


Tonight’s the night! Catch us at Nocturne during Indie Week at 11:15pm sharp. We’re reunited with The Shyness of Strangers. Them&Us do an amazing, spitfire set and we’re down for some Wolkoff and Turbo Goth.

Friday, Nov 18. Doors open 8pm. $6 in advance, $8 at the door.